Updated: 1/16/24

What Does the Bible Say About Aliens?, by What Would You Say?

Aliens: Lights in the SKy and Little Green Men, with Hugh Ross Part 1 (9/11/23), and Part 2 (9/18/23)

What Are Your Thoughts on Aliens?, with Greg Koukl and Amy Hall (9/11/23)

Aliens: Is There Life Out There? with Jeff Zweerick Part 1 (8/28/23) and Part 2 (9/4/23).

Haunted Cosmos, Aliens, Demons, UFO’s, and Congress, Apologia Radio.

Christians In The United States Government Trying To Stop UFO Research, by Jason Engwer (8/3/23)

Would you have expected UFOs and aliens to be like this?, by Jason Engwer. (8/1/23)

UFO Evidence, The Occult, & Steven Greer, with Jeff Durbin. (7/28/23)

What should we make of UFOs?, by Jason Engwer. (7/27/23)

Many videos from CE4 Research.

UFOs, Aliens, and Christianity, by J. Brian Huffling. (10/4/22).

UFOs and Extra-Terrestrial Life, by Jason Lisle. (5/13/22)

Does intelligent extraterrestrial life exist?, by James (Jim) R. Hughes. (4/21/22)

Were the ‘sons of God’ and/or the Nephilim extraterrestrials?, Creation Ministries International (4/19/22)

The Current U.F.O. Controversy: A Christian Astrophysicist Responds, an interview with Jason Lisle. (9/6/21)

Answering questions about aliens/UFOs, by Gary Bates (8/14/21)

Colin Samul on Aliens UFOs, And The Paranormal on Rooted in Revelation podcast. (7/24/21)

UFO Intelligence Briefing with Colin Samul and Ray Boeche. (6/15/21)

What Happens to Christianity When We Find Aliens? with Chad McIntosh on Parker’s Pensées. (6//10/21)

A Presupper Talks Aliens, with Colin Samul.

Recent UFO Phenomena, E.T. or…? A Look at Current Faster-Than-Light Travel Prospects, by David Gadbois.

Examining the Interdimensional UFO Hypothesis, with Ken Samples.

How We Know UFOs Aren’t Aliens

Michael Heiser’s posts on UFOs.

Ancient Aliens, UFOs & the Bible Interview with Dr. Ken Samples and Dr. Doug Potter on Monocle & Spade.

Piercing the Cosmic Veil: You Shall Not Be Afraid of the Terror by Night , by Joseph G Jordan and Jason Dezember (Seekye1.com Online Publishing).

Aliens and UFO’s?, by Danny Faulkner.

Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection (Creation Book Publishers)

Alien Intrusion: Unmasking the Deception (CMI).

Alien Abductions and UFOs – Exposed!: Startling facts about this disturbing phenomenon (CMI).

Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men: A Rational Christian Look at UFOs and Extraterrestrials (Reasons To Believe).

“UFOs” in Kingdom of the Occult. Walter Martin (Thomas Nelson, 2008), 357-381.

Ufo’s in the New Age: Extraterrestrial Messages and the Truth of Scripture, by William Alnor (Baker). Here is a lecture from Bill Alnor on topic of UFOs in the New Age, from 1995.

UFOs, Aliens and God, a conversation between Brendan Devitt and John Wickham.

How would finding alien life affect Christianity? a conversation between David Wilkinson & Mark Kidger.

UFOs and the Bible, by Phil Fernandes.

Alien Obsession: What Lies Behind Abductions, Sightings and the Attraction to the Paranormal, by Ron Rhodes (Harvest House, 1998).

UFO Cults and the New Millennium, by William Alnor (Baker).

UFO’s Hidden Agenda: Does Intelligent Life Exist on Other Worlds, by Jay Howard (from 2006).

UFOs – Friend, Foe, or Fantasy, by Walter Martin.

Chariots of the Who? (critique of Von Dannikan), by Walter Martin.

Seven Things You Should Know about UFOs, by Bobby Brewer.

UFO Cults Are Flourishing in New Age Circles, A CRI Statement.

A Christian Perspective on UFOs, by Doug Potter.

Did Ancient Extraterrestrials Visit Earth?, by Robert Velarde, Christian Research Journal, volume 37, number 06 (2014). Here is an interview with Robert on this topic.

Vol. 17, No. 2 of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project Journal; theme: UFO’s and the Realm of Shadows.