'Van Til' Tagged Posts

'Van Til' Tagged Posts

October 25, 2021

Ten Reasons to Baptize Covenant Children, by Pastor Zac of Cincy Reformed. (10/21/21) “I Said, You are gods” (John 10) and Live Q&A with Anthony Rogers (10/24/21) How to Love and Teach Mormon Missionaries the Gospel of Grace, with Matt Wilder. (9/29/21) Darwinism: Modern Man’s Great Excuse, by James White. (10/23/21) Van Til’s Relevance To Hermeneutics, with Jason Hunt on Rooted In Revelation. (10/22/21) An Open Letter to the Civil Magistrates of Franklin County, by Mike Myers. (10/21/21) Self-love and…

July 31, 2021

Van Til’s Doctrines of Common Grace and Creation, and interview with Dr. David Owen Filson. (7/30/21) Why Church Membership?, by Michael E. Osborne. (7/30/21) A Seismic Shift in Eschatology Has Begun, by Gary DeMar. (7/30/21) Relativism on To the Point with Jon Noyes. (7/28/21) What Does the Bible Teach About Love?, by Alex Duke (6/12/21) Israeli archaeologists find 3,100-year-old inscription linked to book of Judges, by Anugrah Kumar. (7/26/21) What is Truth? is a new gospel tract from the Orthodox…

February 5, 2021

Episode#3  of The Van Til group Anthropology and the God-man Relationship is available here. (2/5/21) Here is a good sermon on John 3:16 by Jonathan Master, president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Simonetta Carr’s new children’s biography on Phillis Wheatley is available from Reformation Heritage Book. (Podcast) Greg Koukl and Frank Turek speak about Tactics for People Who Won’t Listen. (1/30/21)