On Worship

On Worship

Trembling Joy: A Biblical Defense of Traditional Worship, by Ryan Speck (Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, 2022).

How then Should We Worship: The Regulative Principle and Required Parts of the Church’s Corporate Worship, Sam Waldron (Evangelical Press)

Corporate Worship: How the Church Gathers as God’s People, by Matt Merker (Crossway).

(audio) Worship in the Bible series, by Glen Clary.

What Happens When We Worship?, by Jonathan Landry Cruse (Reformation Heritage).

Does God Care How We Worship?, Ligon Duncan (P&R)

On Reforming Worship, Eds. David Hall and Jonathan Master (Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals)

(audio) Theology of Worship, with Dr. J. Ligon Duncan.

(audio) The Call to Worship and Benediction with Camden Bucey and Glen Clary.

With Reverence and Awe Returning to the Basics of Reformed Worship, by D. G. Hart and John R. Muether (P&R).

The Regulative Principle of Worship, by Derek Thomas in Tabletalk Magazine, July 1st, 2010.

Reformed Worship: Worship that is According to Scripture, by Terry L. Johnson.