On the Trinity

On the Trinity

“No sooner do I conceive of the One than I am illumined by the Splendor of the Three; no sooner do I distinguish Them than I am carried back to the One. When I think of any One of the Three I think of Him as the Whole, and my eyes are filled, and the greater part of what I am thinking of escapes me. I cannot grasp the greatness of That One so as to attribute a greater greatness to the Rest. When I contemplate the Three together, I see but one torch, and cannot divide or measure out the Undivided Light.” – Gregory of Nazianzus

The Trinity in the Canon, Ed. Brandon D. Smith (B&H Academic, 2023).

The Biblical Trinity: Encountering the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Scripture, by Brandon Smith (Lexham Press, 2023).

Theology in Practice, Part 1: The ABC’s of the Trinity, Part 2: The Trinity in John’s Gospel, and Part 3: Q&A, by Scott Swain.

The Trinity and the Bible: On Theological Interpretation, by Scott Swain (Lexham Press, 2021).

Fountain of Salvation Trinity and Soteriology, by Fred Sanders (Eerdmans, 2021).

Contemplating God with the Great Tradition Recovering Trinitarian Classical Theism, by Craig A. Carter (Baker, 2021)

Audio from the 2021 GPTS Spring Theology Conference on the Trinity, and video.

The Trinity: An Introduction, by Scott Swain (Crossway).

Simply Trinity: The Unmanipulated Father, Son, and Spirit, by Matthew Barrett (Baker, 2021).

Dr. Barrett has been participating in interviews covering the chapters in his book: Trinity Drift and Evangelicalism with Thomas Kidd (2/2/21); Can we trust the God of our Fathers? with James Eglinton (2/9/21); Since when did the Trinity go social? with Craig Carter (2/17/21); The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Trinity with Fred Sanders (2/23/21); Why must God be one to be three? with Matthew Matthew Levering (3/1/21); What is eternal generation? with J.V. Fesko (3/9/21); Is eternal generation essential to the gospel? with Charles Lee Iron (3/15/21). Here is an interview Dr. Barrett did on “Simply Trinity And Why Eternal Generation Doesn’t Entail EFS” (3/17/21). Does eternal subordination compromise biblical orthodoxy? with Liam Goligher (3/22/21); Why should evangelicals reject eternal functional subordination? , with Michael Bird (3/30/21); Confessing the Holy Spirit in an Age of Biblicism with Michael Haykin (4/5/21); Does the Trinity work inseparably? with Ryan Hurd (4/12/21); Can we have communion with the Trinity? with Kelly Kapic (4/21/21).

(New course) Van Til’s Trinitarian Theology with Dr. Lane Tipton.

Our 2019 church Conference (audio) on the Trinity is located here.

2019 Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary conference on the Trinity.

(video) Class taught by Fred Sanders.

(audio) The Trinity and Christian Paradox, an interview with Brant A. Bosserman on his book by the same title. See also this interview.

The Mystery of the Trinity: A Trinitarian Approach to the Attributes of God, Vern Poythress (P&R)

Our God is Triune: Essays in Biblical Theology, ed. Michael R Burgos Jr (Church Militant Publications).

The Forgotten Trinity: Recovering the Heart of Christian Belief, James White (Bethany)

The Essential Trinity: New Testament Foundations and Practical Relevance, eds. Brandon D. Crowe & Carl R. Trueman (P&R)

The Holy Trinity In Scripture, History, Theology, and Worship (rev. & exp.), by Robert Letham (P&R). Here is an interview with Dr. Letham on the Trinity. (9/15/2020)

The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything (2nd ed.), by Fred Sanders (Crossway).

Knowing the Trinity: Practical Thoughts for Daily Life, by Ryan McGraw. Listen to an interview with Dr. McGraw here and here.

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