On the Problem of Evil

On the Problem of Evil

(video) If God is Good, Why is there Suffering and Evil?, with Scott Oliphint.

“The Problem of Evil Part 1 & 2, by Greg Bahnsen.

Why Is There Evil in the World (and So Much of It?), by Greg Welty (Christian Focus). An Essay by Greg Welty.

(video) How Do We Deal with the Problem of Evil? with Greg Welty.

Calvinism and the Problem of Evil, Edited by David Alexander and Daniel Johnson (Pickwick Publications).

What about Evil? A Defense of God’s Sovereign Glory, by Scott Christensen (P&R).

The Morality of God in the Old Testament, by G. K. Beale (P&R).

How Long, O Lord? Reflections on Suffering and Evil (2nd Edition) by D. A. Carson (Baker)

(audio) The Problem of Evil and Suffering, with Gabe Fluhrer (2018).

(audio) The Problem of Evil, with Jimmi Li (2017)

(audio) Just a Lot of Noise: Providence and the Problem of Evil, with Dr. Benjamin Shaw (2014).

God and Evil: The Problem Solved, by Gordon Clark.

The Grand Demonstration: A Bibical Study of the So-Called Problem of Evil, by Jay Adams (Institute for Nouthetic Studies).