On Slavery & the Bible

On Slavery & the Bible

Tracing Christianity’s Impact on Slavery through the Centuries, by, Sharon James.

Is the Bible Pro-Slavery?, by Gavin Ortlund (9/18/23)

Fact Sheet: Slavery in the Bible, by Jimmy Li.

How To Destroy Muslims & Atheists On Old Testament Slavery

Does the Bible Endorse Slavery?

“Doesn’t the Bible Condone Slavery?” in Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion, by Rebecca McLaughlin (Crossway).

Does the Bible Support Slavery?, by Peter Williams.

Does the Bible Endorse Slavery?, John Mark Reynolds. (4/21/21)

Does the New Testament Legitimize Slavery?, by John Piper (Posed 3/29/22)

Does the Bible Endorse Slavery?, by Doug Wilson (Posted 2/24/22)

“Why Doesn’t the Bible Condemn Slavery?” (chapter 8) in Christianity Cross-Examined: Is It Rational, Relevant, and Good? (Reasons to Believe), pp. 157-69. See also, Ten Ways Servant-Slavery in Israel Differed from Chattel Slavery.

Did God Condone Slavery?, by Amy Hall.

How (Not) to Read the Bible: Making Sense of the Anti-Women, Anti-science, Pro-violence, Pro-slavery and Other Crazy-sounding Part of Scripture. Dan Kimble (Zondervan), pp. 90-99.

The UNTOLD TRUTH: Bible, Slavery, & White Supremacy from
Whaddo You Meme??.

Does The Bible Endorse Slavery?, with Paul Viggiano. Click here.

Does the Bible Condone Slavery and Sexism?, by James Hamilton.

Does the Bible Endorse Slavery?, with Paul Copan on the
IsHeARealOne Podcast. Click here.

Chapters 12-14, of Paul Copan’s book, Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense Of The Old Testament God (Baker Books).

Greg Koukl interviews Paul Copan on Slavery in the Bible. Click here.

SLAVERY and the BIBLE!? Explained!, by Mike Winger.

Gregory of Nyssa – A Lone Voice Against Slavery, by Simonetta Carr.

OT Slavery, by Steve Hays.

Voluntary Slavery, by Steve Hays.

Chattel Slavery, by Steve Hays.

Why Did the Reformed Presbyterian Church Oppose Slavery?, by Bill Edgar.