On Pastoral Ministry

On Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral Theology, The Man of God: His Calling and Godly Life (Vol. 1), by Albert N. Martin (Trinity Pulpit Press). Volume 2: The Man of God: His Preaching and Teaching Labors, is located here. Volume 3: Pastoral Theology, The Man of God: His Shepherding, Evangelizing, and Counseling Labors, is located here. Audio of Al Martin’s Pastoral Theology class is located here.

Some Pastors and Teachers: Reflecting a Biblical Vision of What Every Minister Is Called to Be, by Sinclair Ferguson (Banner of Truth).

Pastoral Theology: The Pastor in the Various Duties of His Office, by Thomas Murphy (Old Paths Publications).

The Christian Ministry, by Charles Bridges (Banner of Truth).

Concerning the True Care of Souls, by Martin Bucer (Banner of Truth).

The Work of the Pastor, by William Still (Christian Focus).

Pastoral Visitation, by Dr. Joseph Pipa.

Pastors and Their Critics: A Guide to Coping with Criticism in the Ministry, by Joel Beeke and Nick Thompson (P&R).

An internship, before entering pastoral ministry is vital. Some denomination require an internship, like the OPC. Here is some information about internships in the OPC.