On Abortion

On Abortion

The Case for Life:  Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture, by Scott Klusendorf (Crossway).

Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case Against Abortion Choice, by Francis Beckwith (Cambridge).

“The Body Impolitic: How the Homosexual Narrative Demeans the Body” in Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality, by Nancy Pearcey (Baker), 155-192.

Conference with Scott Klusendorf on Answering Abortion Arguments. Click here.

Standing Strong Under Fire: Popular Abortion Arguments and Why They Fail, by Scott Klusendorf.

Debate between Nadine Strossen v. Scott Klusendorf, Click here. Debate between Malcolm Potts and Mr. Scott Klusendorf, Click here. Debate between James Croft and Scott Klusendorf, Click here.

The Only Question That Matters in the Abortion Debate, with Greg Koukl.

The Absolute Strongest Case Against Abortion, with Dr. Tim Hsiao.

Various articles from Stand to Reason.

Life Training Institute.

End Abortion Now.

Suffer the Violinist: Why the Pro-abortion Argument from Bodily Autonomy Fails, by Richard J. Poupard.