He Gets Us Ads

He Gets Us Ads

Updated 2/21/24

Below are a number of resources regarding the Ad that ran during the Super Bowl:

(Before you get to the material below, see The Christian Super Bowl Ad They SHOULD Have Made: He Saves Us.) Here is a short interview with the producer.

He Gets Us: Hurtful or Helpful?, with Robert Bortins.

Interview: Natasha Crain on the “He Gets Us” Campaign with Greg Koukl.

Theologian Kenneth R. Samples Reflects on ‘HE GETS US’ Super Bowl Commercial.

He Get Us with Apologia Studios.

The He Gets Us Campaign STILL Does Not Get Jesus, by Alica Childers on the unshaken Faith Podcast.

Here Comes the He Gets Us Campaign Again: Why Its Portrayal of Jesus is Still a Problem, by Natasha Crain.

He Gets Us… But Do We Get Him?, by Melissa Dougherty.

What ‘He Gets Us’ Gets Wrong, by Allie Beth Stuckey.

“He Gets Us” Has An Agenda, by Cultish.

This ‘He Gets Us’ Ad Does More Harm Than Good, by Matt Walsh.

There Is No “Good News” in “He Gets Us” Robert Gagnon.

They Don’t Get It, by Nate Fischer.

“He Gets Us” Doesn’t Get Jesus, by Samuel Sey.

10 Major Reasons To NOT Embrace the “He Gets Us” Campaign, by Todd Friel.

Does “He Gets Us” Get Him?, by Greg Koukl (2022)