Bible Difficulties

Bible Difficulties

How to Face Apparent Contradictions in the Gospels, by Michael Kruger. (2/21/24)

Why Did God Do That? Discovering God’s Goodness in the Hard Passages of Scripture, by Matthew Tingblad and Josh McDowell (Harvest House)

Why Does the God of the Old Testament Seem so Violent and Hateful?, by Richard Belcher, Jr. (Christian Focus, 2023).

Hard Sayings: Understanding Difficult Passages of Scripture, by R. C. Sproul (Ligonier, 2023)

10 Strange Old Testament Passages , with Sean McDowell and Dominick Hernandez. (8/4/23)

How Should You Approach Apparent Contradictions between the Gospels?, by Andy Naselli.

Inerrancy and Worldview: Answering Modern Challenges to the Bible, by Vern Poythress (Crossway). Free online here.

How to (Honestly) Face the Oddities of the Bible, by Michael Kruger.

Is God a Vindictive Bully? Reconciling Portrayals of God in the Old and New Testaments, by Paul Copan (Baker Academic).

Is God a Moral Monster? Making Sense of the Old Testament God, by Paul Copan (Baker Academic).

Why Refuting Bible Contradictions Takes Time?, by Jimmy Li.

Tough Texts. Articles from Table Talk Magazine.

How (Not) to Read the Bible: Making Sense of the Anti-women, Anti-science, Pro-violence, Pro-slavery and Other Crazy-Sounding Parts of Scripture. Dan Kimball (Zondervan).

Navigating Tough Texts: A Guide to Problem Passages in the New Testament, by Murray Harris (Lexham Press).

Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason: Refuting Alleged Bible Contradictions, by Jason Lisle (Master Books). Here is an interview with Dr. Lisle on the topic of his book (10/23/20).

Demolishing Contradictions: Volume 1, Gen. Ed. Ken Ham (Master Books)

Demolishing Contradictions: Volume 2, Gen. Ed. Tim Chaffey, et. al.

The Big Book of Bible Difficulties: Clear and Concise Answers from Genesis to Revelation (Baker).

Hard Sayings of Jesus. F. F. Bruce (Zondervan).

New International Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties, by Gleason Archer (Zondervan).

Tough Questions about God and His Actions in the Old Testament, by Walter Kaiser (Kregel).

Hard Sayings of the Bible, ed. Walter Kaiser, Jr., e. al. (IVP).

Answers To Questions, by F.F. Bruce (Zondervan).

300 Alleged Bible Contradictions Answered, by Slim Jim at The Domain for Truth.

Solutions to Bible “Errors” book by book.

Alleged Discrepancies, by Apologetics Press.

Against the Gods: The Polemical Theology of the Old Testament, by John Currid (Crossway).

The Bible among the Myths: Unique Revelation or Just Ancient Literature?, by John N. Oswalt (Zondervan Academic). See also from Oswalt (video) The Bible and Pagan Myths, and The Old Testament and Mythology.

So, What Did Jesus Think about the Old Testament?, by Michael Kruger (7/27/2020).

Our Lord’s View of the Old Testament, by John Wenham (lecture was delivered in Cambridge on July 8th, 1953).