February 8, 2024

February 8, 2024

The Case Against Christians Attending a Gay Wedding, by Kevin DeYoung. (2/5/24)

Is Attending a Wedding an Endorsement?, by David Strain. (3/4/22)

Can Christians Attend Gay Weddings?, Carl Trueman (1/25/24)

True Compassion and LGBTQ Weddings, Ligonier. (2/4/24)

Three Deadly Errors of Eastern Orthodoxy, by Joshua Schooping and Right Response Ministries.

Greg Answers Questions from an Atheist, by Greg Koukl. (1/17/24)

Three Reasons the Old Testament is More Important than You Think, by Michael Kruger. (1/15/24)

A Response To Religion For Breakfast On Jesus’ Birthplace, by Jason Engwer (12/22/23)

C.S. Lewis’s Transcendental Argument for God, by Parker Settercase.

Six Reasons for the Virgin Birth, by Mitch Chase. (12/14/24)

Why Church Membership?, by Michael E. Osborne (12/24)

The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit Part 1: An Introduction; Part 2: In the Gospel of Matthew; Part 3: Beyond Forgiveness: Reflecting on the Unpardonable Sin.