February 13, 2024

February 13, 2024

In Defense of Patriarchy, by Peter Van Doodewaard. (2/5/24)

The Sabbath Was Made for Man, by Ryan Biese. (2/6/24)

Expected Universalization of the Old Testament Land Promises, by G. K. Beale. (11/17/23)

Does Eastern Orthodoxy Have the “Fullness of the Faith?”, by Gavin Ortland. (2/10/24)

What Happened To The Asbury Revival?, by Samuel Sey. (2/9/24)

(New Book) Empowered Witness: Politics, Culture, and the Spiritual Mission of the Church, by Alan Strange (Crossway, 2024). Here is an interview with the author regarding his book.

Leaving Hinduism: An Ex Brahman Tells All, The Cultish Podcast. (2/6/24)

Divine Simplicity Defended, with James Dolezal. (1/31/24)

(New Book) He Gives More Grace: 30 Hope-Filled Reflections for the Ups and Downs of Motherhood, by Sarah Walton and Linda Green (The Good Book Company, 2023).

Answering 7 Objections to the Virgin Birth, by Brandon Crowe (12/12/23).

February 8, 2024