October 4,2023

October 4,2023

(new book) Wayward Children Finding Peace, Keeping Hope, by Stuart W. Scott (P&R, 2023)

(new book) Don’t Follow Your Heart: Boldly Breaking the Ten Commandments of Self-Worship, by Thaddeus J. Williams (Zondervan, 2023). Read chapter 1 here.

(new book) Parenting Gen Z: Guiding Your Child through a Hostile Culture, by Jason Jimenez (Focus on the Family, 2023)

The Enneagram: Harmless Personality Test or New Age Tool?, an interview with Alexa Cramer. (10/2/23)

Why I believe in Natural Theology, and interview with Craig Carter. (10/3/23)

Can We Conclude from John 10 That Jesus Speaks to Us Today?, by Greg Koukl and Amy Hall. (9/28/23) Also Decision Making and the Will of God: What the Bible Doesn’t Say. Decision Making and the Will of God: The Biblical Model, by Greg Koukl.

10 Things You Should Know about the Most Famous Blessing in the Bible, by Michael J. Glodo. (9/19/23)

The Theology of Definite Atonement, an interview with Mike Riccardi. (9/28/23)

How Should I Read the Bible Today?, by Canavan. (9/19/23)

Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age, an interview with Rosaria Butterfield. (9/27/23)

Kids Ask: How Can Jesus Be in Heaven and with Us?, by Brandon D. Smith (9/27/23)