September 12, 2023

September 12, 2023

(Just released) Street Smarts: Using Questions to Answer Christianity’s Toughest Challenges, by Greg Koukl (Zondervan, 2023)

(video) Hamartiology and Conversion, by Ian Hamilton. (9/11/23).

(video) What Does It Mean To Be REFORMED?, with W. Robert Godfrey. (9/8/23)

(new book) A Popular Survey of Apologetics for Today, by Ron Rhodes (Harvest House, 2023).

(new book) Why Did God Do That? Discovering God’s Goodness in the Hard Passages of Scripture, by Matthew Tingblad and Josh McDowell (Harvest House, 2023)

(video) Five Lies of our Anti-Christian Age, with Rosaria Butterfield. Rosaria’s new book is now available (Crossway, 2023).

A Scriptural Argument for Evening Worship, by Matthew Adams. (9/7/23)

The Rise and Fall of the Evangelical Elite, by Stephen Wolf.

(new booklet) Recreational Drug Use: A Biblical Perspective, by Craig K. Svensson (New Growth Press).

(new book) Memorizing Scripture: The Basics, Blessings, and Benefits of Meditating on God’s Word, by Glenna Marshall (Moody Publishers),

Here is all the audio from the 2023 Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary conference. Topic: Suffering.

(upcoming conference) Behold Your God! – 2023 Conference, Oct. 26, 2023.

(video) Why I am not a biblicist with Craig Carter and Matthew Barrett (9/6/23)

The Expectations of a New Covenant Sabbath, by Zachary Garris. (9/5/23)

(audio) Help! My Anger Is Out of Control with Jim Newheiser. (8/30/23)

The Reliability of the Bible, by Dr. Robert Plummer. (9/1/23)

(forthcoming) The Lord Jesus Christ: The Biblical Doctrine of the Person and Work of Christ, by Brandon D. Crowe (Lexham Press, Oct. 2023).

Who Created God? with Dr Don Batten. (8/30/23)

The Trinity and the Gospel of John, by Scott Swain. (8/30/23)

(new book) The Trinity in the Canon, by Brandon D. Smith (Baker Academic).

(video) Did Constantine Decide What Was in the Bible? Pt. 1 (8/20/23) Nicaea & the Lost Gospels, Pt. 2 (9/12/23), with Wesley Huff.

(forthcoming) Regeneration and Redemptive History: A Biblical-Theological Consideration of Regeneration, by Scott R. Wright (Reformed Forum)

(forthcoming) Glorifying and Enjoying God: 52 Devotions through the Westminster Shorter Catechism, by William Boekestein, Jonathan Landry Cruise and Andrew Miller (RHB, 2023).

(video) Responding to the Mormon Missionary Message, with Corey Miller and Ross Anderson.

Presbyterian vs Reformed Baptist: Who are God’s people?, with Les Lanphere. (Aug. 2023)

Christ & Creed The Early Church Creeds & their Value for Today, by Nate Pickowicz (Christian Focus).