August 28, 2023

August 28, 2023

The Amazing Claims of Jesus, by Douglas Groothuis. (8/24/23)

Facing the Last Enemy: Death and the Christian with Guy Waters.

Why Some Evangelicals Are Embracing Racism, by Sanuel Sey. (8/19/23)

From Cocaine-Dealing Male Model to Gospel, with Bill Greendyk. (8/23/23)

All courses in the Fellowship in Reformed Apologetics are now online, and free, from Reformed Forum.

Different Flavors of Presuppositional Apologetics Examined, with Eli Ayaly. (8/22/23)

A Former Abortion Doctor Speaks Out, with Dr. Tony Levatino (8/22/23)

Are There Really Parallels Between Genesis and Gilgamesh, by Troy Lacey (8/11/23)

The Archaeological Case for Jericho, with Dr. Titus Kennedy. (8/18/23)

The Biblical Trinity: Encountering the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Scripture, by Brandon Smith (Lexham Press, 2023)

Roman Catholicism, Losing Salvation, and Church History. Apologia Radio. (8/11/23)

“The Ethics of Science”, by Jason Lisle. Part 1 (7/21/23) and Part 2 (8/4/23).

Definition of Woke, Denny Burk. (8/10/23)

STR U, training videos (courses) from Stand to Reason.