July 31, 2023

July 31, 2023

What Does It Mean to Be a Man?, with Voddie Baucham. (7/30/23)

A new edition of When People Are Big and God Is Small is available. (4/19/23)

Redeeming Reason: A God-Centered Approach, by Vern Poythress (Crossway, 2023)

Forthcoming: Christ & Creed The Early Church Creeds & their Value for Today, by Nate Pickowicz. (Sept. 2023)

New Book on Canon Formation, by Michael Kruger. (5/9/24)

Their Legacy Endures: Visiting Princeton Cemetery, with Stephen J. Nichols.

World Religions on Trial with Mark Lanier. (7/27/23)

Urban Legends of Theology: 40 Common Misconceptions Paperback, by Michael E. Wittmer (B&H, 2023)

Hard Questions on God, the Bible, and Ethics, with William Lane Craig and JP Moreland. (7/28/23)

Responding to the Top Biblical Arguments for Same-Sex Marriage (7/25/23) and Tough Qs on Same Sex Marriage, Sean McDowell and Preston Sprinkle. (7/29/23)

Responding to the Mormon Missionary Message: Confident Conversations with Mormon Missionaries (and Other Latter-day Saints), by Corey Miller and Ross Anderson (Aneko Press, 2023).

What Are Some Dangers of Neglecting Church History?, by Stephen J. Nichols.

United States of Abortion: A Grave History in Five Threads, by Marvin Olasky. (/7/23/23)

Fifty Years of Theological Battles, by John Piper. (7/24/23)

Twenty Benefits From The Lord’s Supper, by Joel Beeke.

When biology matters, sort of, by Carl Trueman. (7/17/23)

Did The Reformation Corrupt The Gospel By Baptizing Babies?, by R. Scott Clark. (7/8/23)

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