July 24, 2023

July 24, 2023

What Caused God?, Stephen Meyer.

William Lane Craig RESPONDS to Bart Ehrman’s Wild Comments on @CosmicSkeptic. (7/22/23)

A Tale of Two Stories: Mormonism vs. Christianity, by Luke Simmons. (7/19/23)

A new edition of Warfield’s The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible (P&R, May 2023).

A new edition of Warfield’s The Person and Work of Christ (P&R, May 10, 2023)

UFOs, Aliens, and Christianity with J. Brian Huffling (6/20, 2023) See also this page on UFOs, etc.

Take a course on the doctrine of God with Matthew Barrett: Christian Theology I: The Doctrine of God.

Summary Statement On Homosexuality, by Joel Beeke.

A Biblical Response to Andrew Tate with Allie Beth Stuckey. (7/19/23)

The Historical Roots of Progressive Christianity with Richard Gamble. (7/18/23)

Parental Trauma in a World of Gender Insanity, Jordon Peterson and Miriam Grossman. Grossman’s new book is now available: Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness (Skyhorse, July 18, 2023)

Problems with Preferred Pronouns, by Alan Shlemon. (6/6/23)

We Believe is the theme for the 2024 Ligonier Winter Conference.

On Saturday, September 16 James White will be debating Gregory Coles on the Topic: “Is ‘Gay Christian’ a Biblically Acceptable Identity for a Member of Christ’s Church?”.

Archeology & the Old Testament with John Currid. (7/20/23)

How To Handle Abuse In The Church, with Deepak Reju. (7/24/23)

Jeff Durbin: Rhett McLaughlin and Deconstruction. (7/11/23)

July 18, 2023