July 18, 2023

July 18, 2023

Why Does the God of the Old Testament Seem so Violent and Hateful?, by Richard P. Belcher, Jr. (Christian Focus, 2023).

The Science of Music, by Jason Lisle.

Machen: The Man with Stephen J. Nichols.

We Are Not to Make Images of the Godhead, Benjamin Glaser. (7/13/21)

Cessationist is a new film coming out September 2023 answer the questions Are the miraculous gifts for today?

Why We Need to Hear Sermons in Person, by Joe Carter (7/13/23)

Saying Goodbye to Jesus, with Sean McDowell and Scott Rae. (7/13/23)

Why Are Christian Celebrities Abandoning The Faith?, Panel discussion with J. Warner Wallace, Alisa Childers, John Cooper, and Dave Stovall.

No, Trans Rights Are Certainly NOT Human Rights.

Pastor Says Women who do THIS are an Abomination!, Red Pen Logic. (7/12/23)

Wilderness: Family Worship in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, by Joel Beeke and Nick Thompson (RHB, 2023)

Of Atheists and Oaths, James Bruce. (7/10/23)

The Rabbit Hole of Wokeness & Merriam-Webster, by Jeffrey Stivason. (6/16/23)

Who is the AntiChrist? and other topic related to the eschatology, with Kim Riddleberger.

Trauma: How God’s Light Breaks Into Our Deepest Darkness is the theme of this years CCEF Conference, Oct. 20-22.

Disability is the topic of the latest OPC Ruling Elder Podcast. (7/15/23)