July 10, 2023

July 10, 2023

Pro-Life Christian Gets Stumped By THIS Question!, by Red Pen Logic responds. (7/9/23)

Exposing the Dangerous Theology of Come Out in Jesus Name Movie, Dawn Hill and Doreen Virtue and David from Servants of Grace. (7/10/23) See also this page.

The Moral Argument Still Works: Response to Recent Critiques, by Gavin Ortlund. (7/9/23) See also: Why God Is the Best Explanation for the Existence of Objective Morality (5/17/23) and Objections to the Moral Argument for the Existence of God (5/19/23), by Greg Koukl.

He Gives To His Beloved Sleep, by Haylee Williams. (6/26/23)

Sexuality is Not Identity with Christopher Yuan. (7/7/23)

Forthcoming (10/23) Wayward Children: Finding Peace, Keeping Hope, by Steward Scott (P&R). See also, A Parent’s Prayer for an Unbelieving Child.

Is It Wrong for Pro-Lifers to Get Between a Woman and Her Doctor? Greg Koukl and Amy Hall answer this question. (7/10/23)

How Do I Face the Deaths of Others?, by Guy Waters. (6/29/23)

Be Convinced That The Sabbath Is The Sacred Day Of God, by Joel Beeke.

Is Math Racist?: Objective truth, not politics, empowers students, by John Stonestreet and Shane Morris. (6/29/23)

July 4, 2023