June 13, 2023

June 13, 2023

Unlocking Revelation, with G.K. Beale. This is a recent short course taught at GPTS.

A Theology of the End Times, with Ian Hamilton. (6/10/23)

Worship, Hymns, and the Regulative Principle, with Jonathan Landry Cruse (6/12/23)

Are Pictures of Jesus “Spiritually Helpful” for Our Covenant Children?, by Terry Carnes. (6/8/23)

A new resource page on this website on Roman Catholicism.

Christianity and Liberalism: Christ, with Camden Bucey, Danny Olinger and Lane G. Tipton. (6/9/23)

Absolute Creation in Six Ordinary and Consecutive Days, by Anthony Rogers. (6/9/23)

The 5 Minute Case for Protestantism, by Gavin Ortlund. (6/9/23)

(Forthcoming) 2 Peter: Living with the End in Mind, by Jonathan Gibson (New Growth Press, 2023).

(Forthcoming) The Lord Jesus Christ: The Biblical Doctrine of the Person and Work of Christ. By Brandon D. Crowe (Lexham Press, 2023)

Seal of God?! The Adventist Church is Wrong About the Sabbath, with Dr. Brant Bosserman (6/6/23)

Detransition: The Latest Research (and Inconvenient Truth) with Dr. Paul Rhodes Eddy (6/6/23)

The Two-Kingdoms Theology and Christians Today, by William B. Evan (5/15/23)

Latest edition of the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology, Vol. 26, No. 3.

Raising (Covenant) Children Well, by Mark Jones. (5/9/23)

Raising Children Well: Baptism as an Expression of Love, by Mark Jones (5/15/23)

(New Book) The Best Argument for Christianity, by Daniel V.A. (Independently published).

June 6, 2023