April 3, 2023

April 3, 2023

Reformed Christians and Lent, by R. Scott Clark (3/31/23)

Light to Dispel Darkness, by George Grant.

Church of Christ (Revisited) with Jeremiah Nortier and Eli Ayala (3/30/23)

Answering Your Young-Earth Questions with Dr. Jason Lisle & Dr. Marcus Ross (3/31/23)

Engaging Skeptics and Their Objections with Tim McGrew: Part 1 (3/13/23), Part 2 (3/20/23).

The Importance of Cosmology, by John Byl (3/21/23)

Everyone I Don’t Like is Literally Gothard, by Ron Henzel 3/23/23)

How should Christians respond to Critical Theory? with Moderator Albert Mohler along with Andrew Walker and Carl Trueman (3/22/23)

Getting More Out Of Sermons, by Dan Peters.

Was YHWH a Pagan Deity? esponding to Tyler Vela & Derek Lambert, with Joshua Sherman and Carey Griffel (3/20/23)

Prayers of William S. Plumer.

Autobiography as Apologetic, by Doug Groothuis (3/8/23)

Justification By Faith Alone? a debate between Seraphim Hamilton and Anthony Rogers (3/20/23) Debate After Party with Anthony Rogers.

Alvin Plantinga’s Solutions to the Problem of Evil, w/Greg Welty.

Toward A Catechism on Mortification, by R. Fowler White (9/21/22)