April 26, 2023

April 26, 2023

Greg Koukl on Blind Faith on The Humble Skeptic Podcast. (4/25/23)

Back to basics: A Reformed perspective on natural theology beyond Thomism, by Arne Verster. (4/21/23)

A Case for Confessionalism, by Dr. Ligon Duncan.

Mr. Beast: When a Popular Influencer Becomes Transgender on Unshaken Faith Podcast. (4/26/23)

The Great Hope of Amillennialism, by Pierce Taylor Hibbs. (4/19/23)

The Trinity, with Brant Bosserman on The Apologetic Dog Podcast (4/21/23)

Improve Your Baptism, by Ben Castle. (4/9/23)

All Things New Podcast with Krista Bontrage and Monique Duson.

Why prefer Jesus to gods, emperors, and other ancient figures associated with miracles?, by Jason Engwer. (9/12/23)

(New Book) Short of Glory: A Biblical and Theological Exploration of the Fall, by Mitchell L. Chase (Crossway, 2023)

Do Not Be True to Yourself: Countercultural Advice for the Rest of Your Life, by Kevin DeYoung (Crossway, 2023).

Abolitionist and Incrementalist Approaches to Abortion, by Adam Nesmith. (4/18/23)