April 18, 2023

April 18, 2023

“That’s just your interpretation”, by Keven DeYoung. (4/3/23)

What Is a Woman?, by Alan Shlemon. (4/11/23)

(New Book) A Handbook of Theology, by Daniel Akin, David Dockery, Nathan Finn (B&H, 2023).

The Resurrection, the Acts of the Apostles, and the Hope of Israel, an interview with Dr. Brandon D. Crowe. (12/6/22)

Is It Morally Permissible for Some People to Rape and Murder? Responding to Erik Wielenberg’s Argument That Divine Command Theory Fails to Explain How Psychopaths Have Moral Obligations”, by Adam Lloyd Johnson. (4/6/23)

Are Science and Faith Compatible?, a new course taught by Tim Barnett, $12.95 from STR.

(New Book) Personality and Worldview, by J.H. Bavinck (Crossway, 2023).

Reformed a& Scholastic is the theme of the Volume 14, Issue 1, 2023 edition of Credo Magazine.

The Paganization of the Church, an interview with Bill Honsberger. (4/12/23)

How To Help Your Children Enjoy The Lord, Robert McCurley. (4/10/23)

Parents and Apostasy of Covenant Children, by Ron DiGiacomo

Cornelius Van Til: The Man with Scott Oliphint. (4/17/23)

(New Book) Theoretical-Practical Theology, Volume 4: Redemption in Christ, by Petrus Van Mastricht (RHB, 2023)