April 10, 2023

April 10, 2023

Resurrection Sunday, by Brant Bosserman. (Note: A defense of Sunday resurrection).

Family Visitation: The Why, by Paul Ipema.

How to Teach Your Kids Critical Thinking, Part 1, and Part 2, with Brett & Erin Kunkle.

(New Book) The Preeminent Christ: God’s Beautiful and Unchanging Gospel, by Paul Washer (RHB).

How Cultural Confusion About Our Bodies Has Led to Moral Chaos, by Alisa Childers and Nancy Pearcy (4/2/23).

Why I no longer use Transgender Pronouns—and Why You shouldn’t, either, by Rosaria Butterfield. (4/3/23)

Do elder’s children have to be believers? (Titus 1:6), with Bill Mounce.

Remembering Waco: The Branch Davidian Cult Tragedy 30 Years Later, by Watchman Fellowship (4/10/23)

(New Book) Atheists Finding God: Unlikely Stories of Conversions to Christianity in the Contemporary West, by Jana Harmon (Roman & Littlefield, 2023).