December 6, 2022

December 6, 2022

A new podcast starting in the new year: Unshakable Faith with Alisa Childers and Natasha Crain (Jan. 2023)

Lies that are Killing Us: A Conversation About Suicide, with Jon Noyes. (11/29/22)

Mom shares images of 10-week miscarried twins, refuting Guardian’s ‘pregnancy tissue’ farce. (11/22/22)

Is God a Vindictive Bully or Nah? from the Parker’s Pensées Podcast. (12/1/22)

Is “Self Care” the Answer to All Our Problems? With Rachel Norman. The Alissa Childers Podcast. (10/2/22)

Church History Isn’t Only for Historians and Scholars, by Danson Ottawa. (11/15/22)

25 Tiny Ways to Welcome Kids in Church, by Megan Hill. (11/28/22)

Here is a Watchman Fellowship Profile on the topic of “Transhumanism,” by Douglas Groothuis. See also this piece by Jason Lisle (9/30/22), and this piece by Joseph E Torres (3/23/2018).

Shane Rosenthal has put together a few podcasts on the topic of faith. Is faith Irrational? (11/15/22), Is Faith Blind? (11/22/23) and Is Faith a Feeling? (12/6/22).

The foundations of atheistic/agnostic morality, by Arne Verster. (11/21/22

Responding to woke culture: Is critical race theory a real threat? an interview with Doug Groothuis. 11/20/22)

“Safeguards” Cannot Make Euthanasia Safe, by Robert Clarke. (11/14/22)

John Owen on Reason, Faith, and the Structure of Human Cognition is a recent lecture given by Dr. Richard Muller. (11/16/22)

Michael Knowles and Bronte Remsik recently debated the topic of abortion (and other matters). You can watch by clicking here. (12/3/22)