November 14, 2022

November 14, 2022

Practical help for keeping young children in church, Antrim Free Presbyterian Church.

Revival is a new film Presented by Jeremy Walker. Featuring Geoff Thomas, Ian Hamilton, Joel Beeke, Sinclair Ferguson, Steven Lawson, Stuart Olyott and many more. Join Jeremy Walker on a journey through church history, from Pentecost to the present day, exploring the dynamic and sovereign work of God in his people and in nations. $20 to Stream.

Christian Conference Embraces LGBTQ+ Ideology. Becket Cook interviews Dr. Denny Burk. (11/10/22)

Is Jesus God? God AND saviour, proven by Granville Sharp rule, by Master Biblical Languages.

Get Logical is a (new) ten-session video series on logic and the Christian Faith (with Jason Lisle). Each session is around 40 minutes. For use in Sunday School classes, homeschool classes, or individual instruction, these lessons go along with the book Introduction to Logic. See also Logic and the Christian Worldview.

Here is a recent interview titled Escaping Scientology with Mike Rinder: Part 1 (11/7/22) and Part 2 (11/14/22).

What’s Wrong with Bethel Church and the NAR Movement?, Natasha Crain interviews Holly Pivec on her new book (11/4/22). Here is also an interview with Holly Pivec and Doug Geivett on the topic Bethel Redding & Modern Apostles: A Biblical Analysis (11/13/22).

What is the difference between men and women? with Kevin DeYoung (10/26/22)

Shepherding through Catechesis, by Barry York.

Teach Your Kids to Love the Local Church, by Megan Hill (10/21/22).

(New book) The Beauty of Divine Grace, by Gabe Fluhrer.

Here is a recent interview with Drs. Guy Waters and Ligon Duncan on the topic The Sabbath as Rest and Hope for the People of God (10/18/22). Here is recent article by Waters on the topic, “How (and How Not) to Keep the Sabbath”