October 25, 2021

October 25, 2021

Ten Reasons to Baptize Covenant Children, by Pastor Zac of Cincy Reformed. (10/21/21)

“I Said, You are gods” (John 10) and Live Q&A with Anthony Rogers (10/24/21)

How to Love and Teach Mormon Missionaries the Gospel of Grace, with Matt Wilder. (9/29/21)

Darwinism: Modern Man’s Great Excuse, by James White. (10/23/21)

Van Til’s Relevance To Hermeneutics, with Jason Hunt on Rooted In Revelation. (10/22/21)

An Open Letter to the Civil Magistrates of Franklin County, by Mike Myers. (10/21/21)

Self-love and the subversion of the family, by Carl Trueman (10/20/21).

The Fast But Quiet Creeping of Everyday Cancel Culture: 3 Things Christians Need to Know, by Natasha Crain. (10/21/21)

An Interview with Jason Lisle. (10/18/21)

Debunking Flat-Earth Claims, by Jason Lisle Part 1 (7/23/21), Part 2 (8/6/21), and Part 3 (8/20/21).

Answering yet more objections from the village atheist, by Robert Carter. (10/16/21)

Mormon Apologist Scott Gordon Vs Ex-Mormon James Walker “What Is The Gospel?” with James Walker, president of Watchman Fellowship, Latter-day Saint defender, Scott Gordon, president of FairLatterDaySaints.org, Part 1 (10/18/21) and Part 2 (10/25/21).