October 13, 2021

October 13, 2021

Shabby and Shameless: Shabir Ally Caught LYING About John 1:1 and Dan Wallace.

New Book: The Prophets of Israel: Walking the Ancient Paths, by James K. Hoffmeier (Kregel Academic, Oct. 2021)

What Submission is Not, by Barry York. (9/27/21)

Answering Questions on Creation “From” Nothing, by Ken Samples. (9/28/21)

Is Equity a Biblical Concept?, by Thaddeus Williams. (9/28/21)

New Book: More Than a Healer: Not the Jesus You Want, but the Jesus You Need, by Costi W. Hinn (Zondervan, Sept. 2021)

Matthew Barrett: The Eternal Relations of Origin in the Trinity. (9/27/21).

Common Arguments for God‘s Existence with the Cincy Reformed Podcast. (9/17/21)

Saving Some, Standing for All: A Defense of Pro-Life Incrementalism, by Scott Klusendorf. (9/23/21)

Clinging to God and Grammar, by Carl Trueman. (9/23/21)

Coaches Struggle With Using Pronouns, by The Babylon Bee. (9/15/21)

The Bible says Jesus was real. What other proof exists?, an interview between Ryan Pauly and J. Warner Wallace. (9/22/21)

Here is a discussion on the topic of Deconversion from Apologetics.com, Part 1 (7/19/21) and Part 2 (9/18/21).

OPC Pastor, Lowell Ivey talk outreach, Part 1 (9/21/21), and Part 2 (9/28/21).

Is Abortion Parallel to Declining to Donate Your Organs?, by Alan Shlemon. (9/22/21)

Dr. J.P. Moreland’s Arguments for the Soul. (9/21/21)