October 12, 2021

October 12, 2021

New Book: Voice and Mood: A Linguistic Approach (Essentials of Biblical Greek Grammar), by David L. Mathewson (Baker Academic, Oct. 2021)

Open Theism and Exegetical Pipe Dreams, with Anthony Rogers. (10/10/21).

Critical Race Theory w/ Prof Douglas Grootuis. (19/9/21)

The Trial of the 16th Century Calvin & Servetus, by Jonathan Moorhead (Christian Focus, Sept. 2021).

A Biblical Case Against the Deaconess, by Ray Heiple. (10/6/21)

New book: Mama Bear Apologetics® Guide to Sexuality: Empowering Your Kids to Understand and Live Out God’s Design, by Hillary Morgan Ferrer and Amy Davison (Harvest House Publishers, 2021).

3 Ways to Reach Out to Your Neighbors, by Adam Nesmith. (9/27/21)

Is Atheism Dead? A Conversation with Eric Metaxas and Sean McDowell. (10/6/21)

Sodom’s Destruction Discovered? The Archeological Evidence, and Chronological Quandry., by David Gadbois (10/5/21)

Presbyterian Replies to Baptist Arguments about Immersion, with Matthew Everhard (10/1/21)

Live Q&A with Drew, the Genetically Modified Skeptic (10/1/21)

Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth a video course with Thaddeus J. Williams.

Men, Are You Submissive?, by Michael Kruger. (9/30/21)

Is Sola Scriptura True?, a conversation between Eli Ayala and Dr. Matthew Barrett. (9/30/11)

The Enneagram, the Angel, and the Divine Coma, by Marcia Montenegro (9/30/21)

How Presup *Really* Works…. (9/27/21)

Thinking Through Any Worldview, with Girl Talk Apologetics (9/29/21).

A discussion on Suicide with Jon Noyes (9/29/21).

Why Did the Reformed Presbyterian Church Oppose Slavery?, by Bill Edgar.

Some of Steve Hays’s books in PDF.

The latest edition of Credo Magazine is located here. Theme: We Believe: Confessions Every Christian Should Read.