September 8, 2021

September 8, 2021

Old Testament Use of Old Testament – Part 1, an interview with Gary E. Schnittjer. (9/8/21)

Sermon Plagiarism, Mortification of Spin (9/8/21).

New Book: How to Read the Bible Better, by Richard Chin (Matthias Media).

“The Current U.F.O. Controversy: A Christian Astrophysicist Responds” AND “Fractals: The Secret Code of Creation” with Dr. Jason Lisle. (9/6/21)

Can Thomas Aquinas save us from (post)modernism?, a conversation between Matthew Barrett and Peter Kreeft. (9/7/21)

The ‘Logic’ of Unbelief and Where it Leads, by Gary DeMar. (9/1/21)

An Anatomy of the Soul: The Human Person in the Psalms, with Byron Curtis.

Adam’s Probation and the Priority of Eschatology, with Charles Lee Irons. (9/3/21)

Forthcoming book: Is Atheism Dead? , by Eric Metaxas (Oct. 2021).

Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?, with George Haraksin. (8/17/21)

New Book: An Illustrated Guide to the Apostle Paul, by Alan S. Bandy (Baker, Sept. 2021).

The Transcendental Argument from Conceptual Inadequacy, at Pushing the Antithesis. (7/21/21)

Why Jesus Matters Today More Than Ever a conversation between Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace. (9/1/21)