August 3, 2021

August 3, 2021

Christianity & Critical Theory, a series of recent lectures from Pastor Mike Myers.

Wyatt Graham reviews The First One Hundred Years of Christianity, by Udo Schnelle. (7/18/21)

R. Scott Clark talks with W. Robert Godfrey on the topic of The Anxious Bench. (8/2/21)

Mind the Gap episode from the Let’s Talk Creation podcast. (8/2/21)

Listen to Tony Evan talk about Critical Race Theory. (7/14/21)

New Book: God Reforms Hearts: Rethinking Free Will and the Problem of Evil, by Thaddeus Williams (Lexham Academic, 2021).

Issues in Biblical Anthropology was a recent course taught by Dr. Owen Strachan.

Does God Care What I Wear?, by Mary A. Kassian (6/8/21)