August 17, 2021

August 17, 2021

When Lies Become “Truth” and the Monsters it Makes Us an interview with Greg Koukl. (8/16/21)

What Is Apologetics?, a short clip from Greg Bahnsen.

Jordan Peterson Discovers the God Hypothesis, by Elizabeth Whately. (8/15/21)

Mark of the Beast, 666, and Signs of the Times, by Gary DeMar. (8/16/21). See also the 8/16 podcast.

Exclusion from the People of God: An Examination of Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in 1 Corinthians 5, by Jeremy Kimble.

Forthcoming Book: Why God Makes Sense in a World That Doesn’t: The Beauty of Christian Theism, by Gavin Ortland (Baker, Oct. 2021).

Why I Plan to Vote Against BCO Homosexual Changes, by Larry Ball. (8/9/21)

Prepare Teens for Challenges to Free Speech, by Chloe Folmar. (8/9/21)

Israeli Archaeologists Uncover Evidence of Biblical Earthquake Mentioned in Amos, Zechariah, by Michael Foust. (8/5/21)

Greg Koukl and Amy Hall discuss a question about wrong gender. (8/16/21)