August 13, 2021

August 13, 2021

New Book: The Impossibility of the Contrary, by Greg Bahnsen (American Vision).

Josh Harris’s Message Remains the Same, by Carl Trueman. (8/12/21)

College Students: Here Are Some Thoughts On Picking a Good Church, by Michael Kruger. (8/11/21)

Actually Looking at the Sources: Justin Martyr, by Jacob Burbidge. (8/3/21)

Physics professor: ‘Chance of life originating on its own by natural processes is zero’, by Jennifer Kabbany. (8/11/21)

CRT in Church; with Neil Shenvi an 8/10/21 interview.

Progressive Christianity and the Personal Deconstruction of One’s Faith in Christ, with Harry Reeder. (8/11/21)

A Critical Appraisal of Thomas Aquinas with Jeffrey D. Johnson on Iron Sharpen Iron. (8/3/21)

Forthcoming Book: Believing Is Seeing: A Physicist Explains How Science Shattered His Atheism and Revealed the Necessity of Faith, by Michael Guillen (Tyndale Refresh, September 2021).

What To Do When I Don’t Feel Like It: Motivations Away From Spiritual Apathy, by Benjamin Glaser. (8/10/21)

Gay and the Gay Christian, by Calvin Goligher. (7/15/21)

The latest edition of Themelios is available: Vol. 46, No. 2 (Aug. 2021).