July 30, 2021

July 30, 2021

Don Whitney On Praying The Bible. (7/30/21).

Truth in an Age of Skepticism, by Paul Twiss. (7/14/21)

New Book: In the Lord I Take Refuge: 150 Daily Devotions through the Psalms, by Dane Ortland (Crossway, July 2021).

Answering Fools According to Their Folly is a portion of the first chapter of Greg Bahnsen’s new book, The Impossibility of the Contrary due out next week.

The Benefits of Resurrection with Jonathan Master and James Dolezal. (7/26/21)

Antonio Gramsci is not a Marxist? Response to Joel McDurmon, by Jimmy Li. (7/29/21)

3 Surprising Truths (and Myths) About the Apostles, by Sean McDowell. (7/28/21)

Resource on Grief and Dying, from Paul Tautges.

We Need World-view Confronting Preaching, by Adam Nesmith. (7/21/21)

Do Children’s Rights Override Parental Rights?, from What Would You Say? (7/21/21)