July 24, 2021

July 24, 2021

Online Skeptics have a serious copy-and-paste problem, by Jimmy Li (7/24/21)

Here are some resources on transgenderism, put together by Paul Tautges. (7/23/21)

Wokeness and the Church, A Conversation with Owen Strachan and Sean McDowell. (7/23/21)

New from Shane & Shane: ‘Steadfast Love’, by Shane Barnard. (7/23/21)

New religions for a new age, by T. M. Suffield (7/6/14/21)

Debunking Flat-Earth Claims, by Jason Lisle. (7/23/21)

When Jesus Doesn’t Seem Gentle: Admiring the Toughness of Christ, by David Mathis (7/2/21)

Heritage of Worship is a collection of sermons on worship from April 2021. Speakers: Derek W. H. Thomas, Ligon Duncan, and Neil C. Stewart.

Critical Race Theory: Can Christians Agree to Disagree?, a conversation between Sean McDowell and Samuel Sey. (5/5/21)

Worldviews, Apologetics, and the Myth of Neutrality – A Discussion with Dr. James White (5/28/21)