July 22, 2021

July 22, 2021

Homosexuality and the Bible: Has Anything Changed?, with Dr. Michael Brown. (7/21/21)

The July 22 #STRask Podcast. Greg Koukl and Amy Hall talk about confirmation bias.

The Trinity’s Fruitful Root, by D. Blair Smith. (7/8/21)

Exchanging Truth for a Lie: Image, Idolatry, and the People of God, by Benjamin L. Gladd. (7/20/21)

Contra Jesus mytherism: answering the Philo Argument, by Joseph Hinman. (7/22/20)

Trusting God in the Midst of Tragedy, by Jamie Strickland (7/19/21)

Did God Change at the Incarnation?, by Keith A. Mathison, (7/21/21)

I’m an Ordinary Woman, by Jennifer Hartline. (7/1/21)

Is Philosophy Inferior To Science?, with Kenneth Samples. (7/4/21)

150 Years of Darwin’s Dangerous Book, by Jerry Bergman (6/10/21)

“We Are Primates… We Are Animals”, by Gary DeMar. (6/1/21)