July 21, 2021

July 21, 2021

New Book: Hope Living Confidently in God, by John Crotts (P&R).

Princeton the the Millennium: A Study of American Postmillennialism, by Kim Riddlebarger.

How to Encourage our Children: Limit Them, by David Murray. (7/20/21)

The Absurdity of a Solid Dome, by John Byl. (7/19/21)

Christian, You Can Stop Taking The Reparations Movement Seriously, by Erick-Woods Erickson. (7/20/21) See also DeYoung, Thompson, and Kwon: Seeing the Danger, by Neil Shenvi.

Reflections on Mark Hofmann and the “Murder Among the Mormons”, with Sandra Tanner. (3/10/21)

How Should Christians Think about the Enneagram?, with Dr. Chris Berg. (7/2/21)

Forthcoming: The Failure of Natural Theology: A Critical Appraisal of the Philosophical Theology of Thomas Aquinas, by Jeffrey D. Johnson (Free Grace Press, Sept. 2021).

Biblical Archaeology with Ted Wright of Epic Archaeology. (7/5/21)

A Parent’s Prayer for an Unbelieving Child, by Tim Challies/Kathleen Nielson. (7/4/21)

Is Animal Suffering Evidence Against a Good God?, with Kyle Keltz. (6/22/21)

One of the Earliest (and Clearest) Summaries of Early Christian Beliefs, by Michael Kruger. (7/8/21)