July 19, 2021

July 19, 2021

Historic Biblical Christianity & Contemporary Progressive Christianity, by Harry Reeder. (7/19/21)

Some Jewish Objections Against Jesus as the Messiah with Dr. Tony Costa and Dr. Michael Brown. (7/16/21)

New Book: From Christ to Christianity How the Jesus Movement Became the Church in Less Than a Century, by James R. Edwards (Baker).

Journalist Finds a “Cover-Up” by the Bronx Zoo, by David Klinghoffer. (7/15/21)

New Book: Walking Toward the Dawn: Finding Certainty In Our Christian Experience, by Jeremiah Montgomery (Banner of Truth).

Worship at General Assembly: What We Want, by Terry L. Johnson. (7/16/21)

A Defense Of Infant Baptism, by R. Scott Clark.

The Authenticity of the Book of Daniel: A Survey of the Evidence, by Jonathan McLatchie. (7/14/21)

Teaching Kids to Spot Empty Statements, by Hillary Morgan Ferrer.

Gay and the Gay Christian, by Calvin Goligher. (7/15/21)

How the Church Can Help Children of Addicts, by Brittany Allen. (7/14/21)

Reformed Missions and Eastern Orthodoxy, with Reformation Romania (7/9/21)