July 12, 2021

July 12, 2021

Rosaria Butterfield and Ken Smith An Unlikely Friendship and a Beautiful Conversion, from the C.S. Lewis Institute. (4/5/21)

How Christians Can Influence Culture Despite Court Decisions, by Ken Samples. (7/6/21)

The Truth About Calvin and Servetus from Christ Presbyterian Church of Magna, Utah. (7/9/21)

Tarot Cards: Gateway to the Occult Part 1 (7/5/21) and Part 2 (7/12/14) from Watchman Fellowship. See also this Profile.

The latest edition of Credo Magazine is available, Vol. 11, Is. 2 on the topic of “Creeds Every Christian Should Read”.

Progressive Christian Twitter Tries to Cancel Matthew West Over Modesty Video, with Alisa Childers and John Coopper. (7/7/21)

New Book: Person of Interest: Why Jesus Matters in a World that Rejects the Bible, by J. Warner Wallace (Zondervan).

Comfort Facing Death, by Andrew Pol. (6/24/21)

Thinks Christians Needs to Know About the Bible, an interview with Michael Bird. (7/3/21)

The One Critical Thing Missing in Most Sermons, by Michael Kruger. (7/6/21)

Authority, Submission & Head Coverings, by Matthew Holst. (7/20/21)

July 2, 2021