July 1, 2021

July 1, 2021

Jesus Borrowed from Pagan Mythology?, with Eli Ayala and Michael Jones. (6/30/21)

Critical Race Theory: Civil Rights Upside Down, by Greg Koukl. (7/1/21)

A Thousand Years Like a Day, by Gary Demar. (6/23/21)

Reasons to Trust the Eyewitness Accounts of Jesus, by J. Warner Wallace. (6/30/21)

A Peculiar Disapproval of Gay Pride, by John Piper. (6/22/21)

Biblical Justice vs. Social Justice | A Panel with Voddie Baucham, Charlie Kirk, Eric Metaxas.

Genesis 1:26: Trinity or Divine Council?, with Tony Costa and Athony Rogers. (6/18/21)

Forthcoming Book: Adam and the Covenant of Works, by J.V. Fesko (Mentor, Nov. 2021)

Importance of Online Apologetics, with Eli Ayala and Bobby Conway. (6/14/21)

Sharing Your Faith With Grace and Purpose, an interview with Greg Koukl. (6/14/21)

New Book: Foundations of Covenant Theology: A Biblical-Theological Study of Genesis 1–3, by Lane Tipton (Reformed Forum).

Isn’t Faith Incompatible with Reason?, with Ken Samples. (6/11/21)

June 30, 2021