June 8, 2021

June 8, 2021

Forthcoming Book: The Case for Heaven, by Lee Strobel (Zondervan, Sept. 2021). Here is a recent interview with Strobel on the Capturing Christianity podcast. (6/3/21)

New Book: Beginning: Family Worship in Genesis, by Joel Beeke and Nick Thompson (RHB).

Confessing God With and Because of Scripture, an interview between Mark Garcia and Craig Carter.

Recent UFO Phenomena, E.T. or…? A Look at Current Faster-Than-Light Travel Prospects, by David Gadbois. (6/3/21)

Ken Samples was recently interviewed with reference to his new book, Christianity Cross-Examined (Reason to Believe). Here is Part 1 and Part 2.

Follow the Trinity by Following Christ: Discipleship in a Trinitarian Key, by Fred Sanders. (5/28/21)

New Resolution Proposal on Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, by Stephen Feinstein. (5/26/21)

Critical/Cynical Theories and interview with Helen Pluckrose. (5/20/21)

Forthcoming Book: God’s Grace Shining through Law, ed. Joel Beeke (RHB, July 2021).

June 1, 2021