June 30, 2021

June 30, 2021

God Loves LGBTQ People More Than We Do, by Samuel Sey. (6/29/21)

What is a Cult?, by Clete Hux. (6/28/21)

Good Faith Subscription? Part 1 (6/27/21) and Part 2 (6/29/21), by David Strain

About That New “Dragon Man” Fossil…., by Jay Wile. (6/28/21)

The Good and Necessary Consequence of the Christian’s Identity, by James Norris. (6/23/21)

This is the last post in a series from Dr. James Anderson’s review of Reforming Apologetics (The Book of Nature and Apologetics), by J.V. Fesko.

A Biblical Response to Gender Ideology, by Neil Shenvi. (6/12/21)

Sean McDowell, Scott Rae interview John Marriott on his book, The Anatomy of Deconversion. (6/27/21) Here is a link to the book.

Would you like to read the Westminster Standards in a month? Here is a good resource to guide you.

Does Matthew 8 Teach Physical Healing in the Atonement?, by Sam Storms. (6/28/21)

One Voice: The Word of God, the Love of Christ, and Human Sexuality, with Rick Phillips and Jon Payne.

A Response to Greg Johnson’s Interview The Gospel and Christian Identity, by David Garner. (6/24/21)

Discerning Truth: How to Answer a Fool, by Jason Lisle. (6/16/21)

June 9, 2021