June 1, 2021

June 1, 2021

New Book: Handbook on the Gospels, by Benjamin Gladd (Baker). Read excerpt here.

Anthony Rogers addresses the following topic Why Do You Call Me Good? An OT Answer for a NT Question. (5/31/21)

God and Necessary Truths, by John Byle. (5/31/21)

Answering the Eschatological Fool, by Gary DeMar. (5/31/21)

“The Wokeness Movement’s Rejection of Diversity Among Black People”, with Darrell Harrison & Virgil Walker. (5/27/21)

How to Talk to Skeptical Kids About Heaven, by Jenny Manley. (5/27/21)

Looking for resources on the Virgin Birth? Make sure you check out the Website: I Affirm the Virgin Birth.

May 25, 2021