May 5, 2021

May 5, 2021

Contentment in Christ is the theme of a women’s conference being held in Quakertown, PA on May 14-15.

The Gospel to Young People, by Paul Washer. (4/22/21)

The Babylon Bee recently interviewed Dr. Jason Lisle on the topic, Christian Astrophysicist Explains Young Earth. (5/2/21)

Here is part 1 of an interview with Dr. Sarah Salviander on Engaging with Skeptics on Social Media. (5/3/21). Here is part 2 (5/5/21).

New book: Why Believe: Christian Apologetics for a Skeptical Age, by Heath A. Thomas, Tawa J. Anderson (B&H, due out 6/1/21)

Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt discuss the topic of The Celebration of Apostasy on the latest Mortification of Spin podcast. (5/5/21)

The Dynamics of Domestic Abuse, by Darby Strickland.

Sean McDowell here is Role-playing an Atheist with some high school students. (5/3/21)

May 4, 2021