May 4, 2021

May 4, 2021

Did God Create Logic?, by Eli Ayala. (4/30/21)

Where Did Cain Get His Wife?, answered on the Let’s Talk Creation Podcast. (4/26/21)

Is Being Gay Genetic? (5/3/21)

The Argument from Reason Against Naturalism w/Dr. Victor Repper on Parker’s Pensées. (5/3/21)

Sean McDowell and Scott Rae recently interviewed Alisa Childers on the topic of her book, Another Gospel? (4/30/21)

The Case for Church Membership, by Rev. Peter Kemeny.

How the Doctrine of Inseparable Operations Unlocks the Gospel, by Adonis Vidu. (5/3/21)

How to Mortify Sin, by Sinclair Ferguson. (4/26/21)

April 30, 2021