May 21, 2021

May 21, 2021

Should Religious People Legislate THEIR Beliefs?, by Tim Barnett.

Here is a new Website highlighting the works of Dr. G. K. Beale.

The Journal of Biblical Theology & Worldview is a new publication coming out of BJU Seminary. Its aim is to “share that ministry by displaying and applying truth through peer-reviewed writing that is faithful to Scripture, consistent with our theological heritage, alert to current scholarship, and directed toward contemporary application.”

The Ministry of Sorrow, by Tim Challies. (5/17/21)

Natural Selection Is Fact, & It Is NOT Evolution is conversation between Dr Jonathan Sarfati and Dr Robert Carter. (5/13/21)

Jesus’ Fulfillment Of Prophecy Wasn’t Faked By Him Or The Early Christians, by Jason Engwar. (5/13/21)

Believing Is Seeing: A Physicist Explains How Science Shattered His Atheism and Revealed the Necessity of Faith, by Michael Guillen (Tyndale Momentum, 2021).

An Open Letter to Those Suffering in the Hospital, by Kathryn Butler. (5/13/21)

May 20, 2021