May 20, 2021

May 20, 2021

No Creed But the Bible?, by Justin Holcomb. (5/9/21)

Making Jesus into Your Own Image, by Chris Gordon. (5/13/21)

The Key to Killing Lust, by John Piper. (5/19/21)

Listen to this interview with Megan Hill on her new book, Partners in the Gospel 50 Meditations for Pastors’ and Elders’ Wives (P&R).

Why Didn’t My Pastor Tell Me About That?, by Michael Kruger. (5/18/21)

J. Warner Wallace answers the question, How Do We Deal with People Who Are Biased Against Christianity? (5/12/21)

Greg Koukl and Amy Hall have an excellent discussion on the topic of tolerance on the May 20th #STRAsk Podcast.

“The Woke Hermeneutic: A Cancer in the Pulpit” is an interview with Pastor Tom Buck on Iron Sharpens Iron. (5/3/21)

Here is some audio and video from the recent Engage 2021 Conference (Topics: Mormonism, CRT, Anime, Atheism, etc.)

Demi Lovato Claims to No Longer be a “She” on Whaddo You Meme?? (5/19/21)

Sean McDowell has A Conversation with Micah Wilder on the topic, Finding Jesus on a Mormon Mission. (5/19/21). Melissa Dougherty also interviewed Micah Wilder. (5/20/21)

May 18, 2021