May 15, 2021

May 15, 2021

Here is a recent interview with Ken Samples on his new book, Christianity Cross-Examined: Is It Rational, Relevant, and Good? (Reasons to Believe) (5/14/21)

Eli Ayala moderated a discussion between Joshua Pillows and Balint Bekefi on the topic of TAG and the Stroudian Objection. (5/14/21)

Jeff Durbin was recently interviewed on the topic, The Rapture And Postmillennialism Explained. (5/12/21)

Here is the Latest edition of Unio Cum Christo, Vol. 7, No. 1 / Apr 2021. Theme: Pastoral Theology and Practice.

American Evangelicalism’s Toleration of Heresy, by Keith Matthison. (5/12/21)

Forthcoming Book: How Then Should We Worship?, by Sam Waldron (Evangelical Press: June, 2021).

HR 5, the Sexual Revolution and the Remaking of Law, by Jeff Myers (5/25/21)

The Geologic Column for Beginners (Part 1) on Let’s Talk Creation. (5/10/21)

Forthcoming Book: The Method of Christian Theology: A Basic Introduction (B&H, May 2021).

May 12, 2021