May 12, 2021

May 12, 2021

Monothelitism, by Stephen J. Nichols on 5 Minutes in Church History. (5/12/21)

Sean McDowell responds to His “Atheist Encounter” at A Christian School. (5/11/21) Here is the original “encounter”

Engaging Critical Race Theory, by Corey Miller. (5/1/21)

New book: A Workman Not Ashamed: Essays in Honor of Albert N. Martin (Free Grace Press).

How Not to Debate Ideas in the Public Square, by Kevin DeYoung. (5/11/21) See also The War of the Words, by Mike Myers.

Debate: Stacy Turbeville Vs Anthony Rogers: Oneness or Trinity: Biblical View of God. (5/10/21)

New Boo: Prove It: Examining the Evidence of God’s Existence, by Dr Frank Harber JD (Engedi Publishing).

How to Read and Apply the Old Testament, an interview with Iain Duguid. (4/25/21)

May 10, 2021