April 27, 2021

April 27, 2021

Revelationary Apologetics is a new podcast Brian Knapp and Chris Bolt. This will be worth you time.

Forthcoming book, Divine Attributes: Knowing the Covenantal God of Scripture, by John C. Peckham (Baker Academic).

We Are Still Amusing Ourselves to Death—35 Years Later, by Andrew Le Peau. (4/26/21)

Born and Unborn: Answering Objections to Constitutional Personhood, by John Finnis. (4/9/21)

“Children in the Hands of the Arminians” — B. B. Warfield on the Salvation and Proper Nuture of Christian Children, by Kim Riddlebarger. (4/21/21)

Your Whole Bible Is About Jesus, by Matt Smethurst. (4/22/21)

Equipping the Next Generation of Pro-Life Leaders is an upcoming Summer Institute being held at Cedarville University with speakers Scott Klusendorf and Dr. Marc Newman.

“Idiocy” in trinitarian theology, by Scott Swain. (4/23/21)

Critically Thinking about Being Woke, with Dr. Neil Shenvi on the RestoringOurCity YouTube channel (4/21/21)

A Brief Overview Of The Christian Science Worldview, by J. Warner Wallace (4/22/21)